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As Navonmesh Solution we exist since 2023. We started by making simple WordPress and WooCommerce plgins to sell them on our website. From start we offered support to all our clients, what back then was not so obvious thing to come with plugins.

As we spent more time on working with variouse clients, we have implemented many cool features to our premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, that our clients suggested.
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WooCommerce Checkout Blocks

Now, empower users to change product quantities and delete items directly from WooCommerce Checkout blocks.

Product Category FilterPro

You have the flexibility to manage the inclusion of the quantity field for specific product categories.

quantity Custom buttonPro

Numerous themes include a dedicated button for the quantity field, and by leveraging this feature, you can enable custom buttons for the quantity field.

Product ThumbnailPro

You have the option to showcase the product thumbnail on the checkout table.

Empty cart buttonPro

You also have the option to activate the "Empty Checkout" button, allowing customers to swiftly remove all products from the checkout page.

Delete product Without reloadPro

Customers in your store won't be required to refill the checkout form if they choose to delete a product.

Hide Delete button

Prevent users from removing products directly on the checkout page.


Whenever you struggle with anything regarding Pro plugins, just hit us with a message.​

update Cart

Empower your store's customers to make modifications to their carts directly on the WooCommerce Checkout page.


For a mere $9, you can provide store visitors with the opportunity to accomplish various tasks on the checkout page.

Reduce Abandoned cart

Eliminating the need to continually revisit the cart for quantity adjustments or product removal reduces inconvenience for customers.


Enabling users to modify their carts directly on the checkout page provides a swift bypass of the cart page.