Allow users to change cart on woocommerce checkout page

By default, WooCommerce lacks options for change product quantities or removing items directly on the WooCommerce checkout page. However, with the "Change Quantity on Checkout Pro for WooCommerce" plugin, you can empower your users to adjust product quantities seamlessly on both WooCommerce Checkout Blocks and the traditional checkout page. In addition to quantity adjustments, you can enable your store users to delete products directly from the checkout page without the need to refresh. Moreover, you have the flexibility to include quantity buttons for product categories on the traditional checkout page, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the purchasing process.
What makes Change Quantity on Checkout Pro for WooCommerce the preferred choice?

Highlighted Features

WooCommerce Checkout Blocks

Now, empower users to change product quantities and delete items directly from WooCommerce Checkout blocks.

Product Category FilterPro

You have the flexibility to manage the inclusion of the quantity field for specific product categories.

quantity Custom buttonPro

Numerous themes include a dedicated button for the quantity field, and by leveraging this feature, you can enable custom buttons for the quantity field.

Product ThumbnailPro

You have the option to showcase the product thumbnail on the checkout table.

Empty cart buttonPro

You also have the option to activate the "Empty Checkout" button, allowing customers to swiftly remove all products from the checkout page.

Delete product Without reloadPro

Customers in your store won't be required to refill the checkout form if they choose to delete a product.

Hide Delete button

Prevent users from removing products directly on the checkout page.


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update Cart

Empower your store's customers to make modifications to their carts directly on the WooCommerce Checkout page.


For a mere $9, you can provide store visitors with the opportunity to accomplish various tasks on the checkout page.

Reduce Abandoned cart

Eliminating the need to continually revisit the cart for quantity adjustments or product removal reduces inconvenience for customers.


Enabling users to modify their carts directly on the checkout page provides a swift bypass of the cart page.

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Change Quantity On Checkout Pro For WooCommerce

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"Plugin works great! Allows me to skip the cart and send users to the Checkout page right away. This plugin will definitely improve my conversion rate. The plugin partly stopped working because of the way my WP theme handles quantity input, I contacted the developer and he sent me a fix right away. Great support! Plugin now works perfectly again.."
" I had spent three days trying to learn php and Javascript just so I could add these features which should obviously already be in the checkout, however on the third day of constant failure and crashing my site I found this amazing plugin which did almost everything I wanted. There was this certain feature that I wanted in the plugin but it conflicted with my theme, however after a few emails with Bhavik the developer he went out of his way to develop me a plugin which fulfilled my needs. Absolutely impressed with the plugin and even more so the extent support would go to help you. ."
"Plugin is very good. I had a problem with the mobile version because of the theme I used. But when I got to the software developer, he looked at my theme, helped me and solved my problem. Thank you very much!"
Change Quantity On Checkout For WooCommerce